Prince G (The Melodic Sympathy) was brought up in South East Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

At the age of 13 he started to play drums in the church for gospel choirs and by the time he reached 16 he started to express himself through songwriting & lyricism. He experimented and developed his sound at home with a good friend, now a day known as Diztortzion.

As Prince G got older he wanted his music to be heard. The multi talented child prodigy entered his squad “GNM” into Dutch talent competitions, winning almost every one and gaining a strong fan base throughout The Netherlands. One of these winning performances was featured on MTV ‘Chunk’ for the whole summer of 2003. As a result GNM became very popular with promoters, and received requests to perform all over the country.

After some time, the group decided to work on their own solo projects. Prince G flew out to New York to work with a member of US production team “Black House Entertainment”.

He further developed his talent as a producer using his analogue set up, synthesizers an life instruments and created a new, fresh and authentic sound.

Which offers Funky, Jazzy, Lounge, Soul, Rock an Hip Hop music with orchestral influences.  

In 2015 he received his degree in Audio engineering.

This makes him versatile in music production, composing, songwriting and mixing.

For your music mixes & music production you are on the right address.

He got a wide experience in mixing, recording an music production, he will give you the best sound quality possibility for you project.